An orchestra is it's people. They, who had the vision and the wish to start an effort having the aim to serve the art and lend quality in the musical expression. Contributors in this run are the inspirer and founder of the orchestra, the conductor and the musicians that consist the orchestra. They, who share the same vision...

Odysseas Korelis

Inspirer & founder of Academica Athens Orchestra

Graduate of the Athens Conservatory and The Royal Academy of Music of London, he is the inspirer and founder of Academica Athens Orchestra. He is also the founder of the ensemble "Marsyas" and the quartet "+kinisis".

As a soloist he has performed in Greece and other countries with conductors such as M.Plasson, G. Mora, M.Karydis, Tsu Hui, A.Baltas, Th. Atnoniou, M.Logiadis, N.Athineos etc. He is Head of the orchestras "Marsyas",  "Symphony Otchestra of Athens", "Orchestra of Colours", "Symphony Orchestra of ERT" and "Academica Athens Orchestra",

He is theacher of Violin at the Athens Conservatory.

Nikos Athineos

Conductor, composer and pianist

Born in Khartoum (Sudan) by Greek parents he studied piano, composition and conducting in Athens, Köln and Düsseldorf.

He has a long career as conductor in various significant theaters (operas) in Germany and Switzerland. During the period 1990 – 2001 he was the General Musical Director and principal conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Frankfurt Oder and principal conductor of the Sate  Orchestra of Brandenburg. Under his direction, this Orchestra has carried out numerous tours both, in Germany, performing in Berlin, Köln, Bonn, Bremen etc, and abroad (Spain, Russia, Israel, France, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Holland), appearing in major European cities such as Moscow, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, Tel Aviv etc. Furthermore, he recorded a considerable number of CDs, obtaining international prizes and acclaim.

As invited conductor, he has conducted various many great European orchestras London Philarmonia, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Munich Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonia Varsovia, Gustav Mahler Orchestra of Prague, Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.) cooperating with great soloists as Rostropovich, Agnes Baltsa, MIsha Maiski, David Garet, Lars Vogt, Kolja Blacher etc. He has also repeatedly collaborated with all the significant Greek Orchestras.

Contemporary with his conducting career, Nikos Athineos presented over the years a significant number of music compositions.

Currently, Nikos Athineos is the Director of the Athens Conservatory and Artistic Director and principal conductor of ACADEMICA Athens Orchestra while he continues appearing as invited conductor with significant orchestras in Greece and abroad